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  • Danae Younger

Danae Younger received great feedback for her presentation at a recent LawSense seminar

On 8 November 2017, Danae was a presenter at the LawSense seminar on Law for Mental Health Practitioners Qld. Almost 90% of attendees rated Danae's performance as an 8 out of 10 or higher.

Attendees also made the following comments about her presentation:

· Thorough and clear

· Excellent, practical, very helpful

· To the point, practical and clear info

· Useful interesting content

· Best session of the day so far. Very relevant to seniors

· Helpful good speaker learned a lot

· Excellent delivery of a very helpful topic

· Finally, a speaker who was directly relevant to the audience and understood our circumstances. Thank you!

· Great advice and very relevant

· Very helpful and an interesting presenter

· Fab presentation - made it very interesting, lovely lady really liked her

· Great information and clear

· Very helpful, engaging presenter

· Very clear and concise info, thank you!

· Shame cut short by previous speaker, good info and speaker

Well done Danae!

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